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Our mission at EOS is to help companies, public and private institutions integrate Corporate Social Responsibility strategies in a practical and tailored manner. The key element that EOS strongly keeps in mind is that the CSR strategy along with the Annual Sustainable Report need to add and augment the value of the company itself.


The  name "EOS" stems from the Ancient Greek mythology of the Goddess of Dawn. We decided to use her name to symbolize new beginnings. New beginnings for companies, New ways to be sustainable and at the same time new manners to add value to businesses.


Under the auspices of the name, at EOS we strongly believe in the creation of a new business realm, with us as international forerunners in CSR best practices.

Our Story

In 2020, amid the pandemic and the growing interest wave of CSR, Gaia Barcilòn (EOS’s CEO), decided to create her own consultancy. EOS was created to serve as a missing puzzle piece in the international community: to link companies with effective CSR consultancy and practices. 

Since its beginning, EOS has produced consultancies to companies in different sectors always with a birdseye view of the companies reality, its values, its history and its dynamics. The consultancies offered by EOS remain truthful to the company’s raison d’etre with the connubial of practical CSR strategies and the Annual Sustainability Report that increase the reputation and value of the company itself. To ensure the best solutions to companies, our CEO has encircled herself with area/sector experts (for instance, CSR Marketing, CSR Environment, CSR Social, CSR Governance, Data Specialists) to ensure that the EOS consultancies are professional, systematic and coherent.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, Gaia had to rethink not only how companies were working but even how the being of the international community had changed. 

It was unthinkable for our CEO to engage with companies without having herself created a strong sustainable consultancy model. It is for this reason that RAISE (Raise Awareness on International Standards in Education) was created. RAISE incorporates Middle School, High School and University courses that encapsulate the heart of CSR and what it means with practical scenarios and best practices. 

The two ultimate aims of RAISE are:

  1. To become compulsory throughout the educational life of a student and adapted to the different social and educational settings, and

  2. To continue delivering the courses in less developed countries, to raise awareness and lead individuals to strive for equality and justice in a more sustainable world.

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