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About Us

Creative and Effective Solutions for Corporate Social Responsibility Success

EOS Social Responsibility Solutions SA is an independent consultancy committed to help companies and institutions to better integrate corporate social responsibility laws, standards and best practices in their businesses. The meaning of the name "EOS" stems from the Ancient Greek mythology. EOS was considered the Goddess of Dawn and we decided to use her name to symbolize new beginnings.


Our approach is innovative and aims to introduce pillars of the international community in daily business actions.


We are witnessing the momentum of Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria and the stronger governmental regulations on businesses and their practices. 


To make matters more difficult, the nature of the companies’ transactions and the increasing sensitivity to human rights and humanitarian violations by the international community have resulted in a call for international experts to address current violations and help prevent future catastrophes.


For these reason, EOS is striving to repair abuses and prevent, in the most sustainable manner, future violations that could lead to legal, social, economical and reputational risks.


The team is globally based and is constituted by international lawyers who have expertise in the sectors of Business and Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

Our Team

Where our passion and devotion begins

EOS Social Responsibility Solutions has team members around the world to provide maximum support to our clients.

Through information system integration and cloud-based approach, EOS provides its’ clients with rapid, comprehensive and holistic expert evaluations.


EOS consists of experts who have experience in both the international public and private sectors, such as in the World Health Organization, multinational oil companies, and the Indian and Mexican Government. We offer expert guidance in the areas of:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics

  • International Human Rights

  • Humanitarian Law

  • Environmental Law

  • International Gender and Labor policies

  • LGBTQ and Minority issues


EOS is also proud to be able to offer collaboration with a roster of international experts and consultants, who will be able to provide our clients with precisely tailored advice.

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