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RAISE University Level

In November 2020, EOS Social Responsibility Solutions launched the university-level programme of RAISE at City, University of London (United Kingdom). The project was launched with the City Law Society and the Justice and Peace Society acting as the main sponsors, along with the Women in Law Society acting as collaborator.

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The forerunners of the RAISE programme are more than fifty Law students of City, University of London (United Kingdom). The students will take part in three workshops, each of approximately one hour and a half.

In these workshops, students will learn about:

  • The ABC of Human Rights

  • Human Rights in Businesses with a case study to highlight the realities of this niche of Public International Law

  • Translating Human Rights, from both a "international law" perspective as well as from a business angle.

Students will be tested on the above at the end of each workshop with either quizzes and/or practical scenarios. They will also be provided with an evaluation of the course. The results of the latter means of testing their knowledge and our instructor's way of teaching will be used to create reports on the validity of the programme.

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