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Raise Awareness on International Standards in Education (RAISE)

EOS has launched in September 2020 its own educational project called RAISE. This stands for:



Awareness on


Standards in


The aim of RAISE is to make Human Rights education available to everyone, not only to law students. It is proven that having a basic understanding of the term 'Human Rights' and its' inherent practicalities in the daily life as well as in the life of a company, increases ethics and long-term sustainability.


EOS wants to stress the importance of this project, not only for the personal growth in well-being and knowledge for each and every individual, but also for the community and international society at large.


RAISE targets three different educational groups:

Middle School Students

(Age 14-16)

High School Students

(Age 16-18)

University Students


(Age 18+)

Each educational group will be taught about Human Rights and the scope of Human Rights. The material of RAISE will take into account the age group and any possible cultural sensitivities.

The learning objectives differ from one educational group to another. Nonetheless, generally the lessons contain the following purposes and rationales :

  • Understand how Human Rights are vital in every society

  • Appreciate how Human Rights act as a "mantel" and as a "sword"

  • Acknowledge how Human Rights are present in our daily life and how they shape choices and opinions

  • Perceive the importance of Human Rights for businesses, not as a public relations tool but as a fulfilling and continuous element within the latter.

Check out our News to see the development of RAISE!

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