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Our Team

EOS Social Responsibility Solutions has expert team members around the world to provide maximum support to our clients. Through information system integration and cloud-based approach, EOS provides its clients with rapid, comprehensive and holistic expert evaluations.

EOS consists of experts who have experience in both the international public and private sectors, such as in the World Health Organization, multinational oil companies, and the Indian and Mexican Government, as well as in academia. We offer expert guidance in the areas of:​

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics

  • International Human Rights

  • Humanitarian Law

  • Environmental Law

  • International Gender and Labor policies

  • CSR Marketing 

  • CSR Governance

  • Data specialists

EOS is also proud to be able to offer collaboration with a roster of international experts and consultants, who will be able to provide our clients with precisely tailored advice.

Gaia Clara Barcilon

Gaia Clara Barcilòn, Att.




Via Corba 8/C,

6952 Canobbio (Ticino)


About our CEO

Attorney Gaia Barcilòn is an expert of International Law and CSR. She founded EOS in 2020 with the intent of bringing to the table a new manner of perceiving and working with CSR. 


In the past, Gaia has worked as a lawyer for the World Health Organization, namely the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children, and as a Business and Human Rights Consultant for major oil and mining companies. 


She holds two graduate degrees in International Law from Duke University (US) and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (CH) and a bachelor degree in Law from University of London, City Law School (UK). 

Sustainability should not be seen as a finish line, but as a beautiful corporate journey.”

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