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Our Client-Visioned Services

"We help companies and entities to review their policies and procedures and insert Corporate Social Responsibility language and processes in their internal and external administration"


We help our clients to strategically implement Human Rights within their own business enterprises through gap analysis, practical integration guidance and development of frameworks.

Strategic Human Rights Implementation


We help our clients identify the risks that business enterprises' operations and connections pose or could pose to Human Rights.  This is done through a Human Rights Risk Assessment and a Human Rights Impact Assessment.

Human Rights Due Diligence


We help our clients identify the relevant internal and external stakeholders, connect and  communicate with them in an effective and transparent manner.

Effective Stakeholder Communication


We support our clients by providing their employees, contractors and suppliers with online and/or in-person trainings on Human Rights. We customize each training to the need of the client.

Training and Capacity Building


EOS offers an annual, bi-annual  monitoring service to its’ clients to ensure that Corporate Social Responsibility best standards and practices are still reflected and implemented in the best manner possible.

External Audits

Why Integrate Human Rights?

Learn about Human Rights and why businesses should strategically and effectively integrate Human Rights in their own administration:

What are Human Rights
Why Integrate Human Rights
What are the benefits
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